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About Me

A brief history of what has become Matt Zaske Online:

  • 1996: I began providing services to individuals and small businesses in PC troubleshooting, training, maintenance procedures, and general consultation.
  • 1997: The registration of was completed.
  • 1998: I began offering custom-built computers, website design, Internet and network support services.
  • 2002: I began offering custom network installations, Linux server maintenance and administration, and supporting/administering small office networks.
  • 2003: I introduced custom database development services, including invoicing systems, inventory tracking systems, and customer data management using a variety of database engines.
  • 2004: I introduced the website hosting service, rounding out the website development package potential.
  • 2006: I introduced custom programming services, including Windows and web-based applications tailored to specific needs.
  • 2010: Under the formation of a proper LLC, I began focusing on long-term client projects, development, and consulting.
  • 2016: With a stable and consistent client base, I engage in opportunities to encourage automation of business processes, community solutions, and skills development.
  • 2019: A much-needed website refresh was initiated, bringing together several disparate services under one content management system.